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Instructions on How to Replace an STK392-110 Hitachi

    • 1). Unplug the Hitachi TV and allow it to sit for several days. Allowing the TV to sit will give the capacitors and cathode ray tubes time to discharge, helping to reduce the chances of you encountering painful shocks during the repair.

    • 2). Remove the screws holding the rear service panel on the TV. Remove any dust shield or guard behind the service panel to expose the circuit boards at the base of the TV chassis.

    • 3). Locate the circuit board with the STK392-110 chips mounted to it. The chips are attached to large heat sinks standing upright on the board. Mark all of the wires and cables attached to the board with masking tape and a marker. Disconnect the wires and cables from the board. Remove any screws and clips holding the board in place and lift it out of the TV chassis.

    • 4). Turn the board upside down and locate the solder points where the pins from the STK392-110 chips are soldered to the board. Heat each pin, one at a time, with a soldering iron until the solder turns to liquid. Remove the solder from the pin and board using a desoldering bulb or braid. Remove all of the solder from the pins on both STK chips.

    • 5). Turn the board over. Remove the screws holding the chips to the heat sinks and pull the pins out of the holes in the circuit board.

    • 6). Spread a thin, even layer of heat-sink compound on the backs of the replacement chips. Slide the pins through the holes in the circuit board until the STK392-110 chips seat fully onto the board. Slide the screws through the chips, into the heat sinks. Tighten the screws securely.

    • 7). Turn the board upside down to expose the solder pads. Place the tip of a soldering iron at the point where the pin passes through the solder pad on the circuit board. Touch a piece of solder to the other side of the pin and continue heating the pin until the solder liquefies and bonds to the pin and pad. Remove the solder first and then remove the soldering iron. Repeat this process on all of the pins. Allow the board to cool after soldering.

    • 8). Place the board in the TV chassis and install the retaining screws and clips. Connect all of the wires and cables to the circuit board. Install any shields or guards that you removed from the chassis. Place the rear service panel on the TV and install and tighten the screws.

    • 9). Plug in the TV and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to reset the color convergence.

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