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I"m Still In Love But I"m Not Sure If My Ex Is

One of the most difficult things in life is finding yourself still in love with your former partner after a break up and being unsure of their true feelings.
This is a very trying time for everyone involved, yet to still have strong feelings for your ex and not be entirely sure about whether your relationship is truly over makes it very difficult for you to either move on or fix what is there.
My first advice for you, if you feel yourself constantly reciting the refrain: "I'm still in love but I'm not sure if my ex is" is to examine your feelings very closely - is it the initial pain of what you have lost that makes you feel nostalgic for that person that was such a part of your life or are you still truly in love with your ex? Taking time to examine what was wrong with the relationship will help you to answer this question.
Many newly single people confuse the pangs of missing someone's presence, what they've grown accustomed to, with harboring genuine feelings of love for that person.
Take some time to be by yourself, I would recommend at least two weeks, and get used to being alone again.
Pursue the things that you didn't have time for when you were in a relationship and enjoying all the freedom that you didn't have when you were tied down to someone else's emotions and demands on your time.
If you take this time and still feel as though the other person is your reason for living, you can plan how to approach your ex.
It is recommended that you be honest and straightforward with the other person involved when seeking to solve the riddle posed in the title - I'm in love but I'm not sure if my ex is.
Begin the conversation in a friendly manner and be prepared for any answer.
Explain the process you've been through in order to reach the conclusion that you are still in love with them, and let them know you've considered the faults in the relationship as well as the strengths.
Be consistent and straightforward and then ask your ex in the most direct manner you can if they would consider getting back together.
If their answer is "no," try to remember back to the weeks you spent alone and recall all the wonderful things about it.
If their answer is "yes" be satisfied that you have navigated these difficult waters with grace and poise, and remember the promises you made to yourself when you were alone and to make an effort to remedy the problems that existed in your relationship before you broke up.
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