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Tips on Getting a Girlfriend- 3 Ways to Get Women to Notice You and Want You

Ever feel like you were invisible to women?  Maybe not that they could not see you at all,  but that they just could not see you as a guy they would date?  Lots of men have been in this position,  always being seen as more of a friend,  or just a nice guy,  when all they really want to be seen as is a guy women want to date.  If you want to be able to get out of the trap of feeling invisible to women and you want to learn how to get women to notice you,  then pay attention.

Getting a girlfriend can be dead easy,  it can be a lot more simple than it seems,  when women already see you as dating material.  When women see you already as being a desirable guy to date,  then pretty much half of your work is already done for you.  You don't have to work so hard to actually get a date,  or get into a relationship if that is what you really want.

Here are 3 ways to get women to notice you and to want you:

1.  Women don't date guys who lack self esteem,  at least not the quality women.

You want to get a woman who is quality by all measurements?  You want to get a woman who looks good,  makes her own money,  and is fun to be with?  Then you better have a healthy sense of self esteem.  If you are lacking in this area,  then what makes you think that a woman who could choose any guy would choose to date you?  I don't mean to be harsh,  but without a healthy self esteem,  you really cannot expect dating success.

2.  For most women,  they need to have fun flirting with you if they are going to date you.

Flirting can be a pain in the rear if it always feels uncomfortable to you.  And if it feels uncomfortable to you... just imagine how it feels to the girl you are flirting with.  With the proper flirting techniques,  you can easily learn how to flirt with a woman and make it seem fun and easy.  And that will make a woman see you as the kind of guy they would choose to date.

3.  Women pay attention to the guys who are real alpha males.

Leadership is one of the man qualities that you need to show a woman if you want to be able to get a date with her.  Real alpha male qualities like leadership are very attractive to women,  and when they meet a guy who exhibits those qualities,  they DO pay attention.  That means that they will be paying attention to you as long as you learn the right alpha male traits to attract a woman.

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