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Questions to Ask a Guy to Know if You Are Compatible

    What's Your Idea of A Perfect Day?

    • The types of activities you enjoy says a lot about how compatible you are with someone, unless you're willing to meet each other halfway.Comstock Images/Comstock/Getty Images

      This may sound like a casual question, but take his answer seriously to assess your date's energy level. Although finding a life partner is completely different from choosing a pet, there are certain similarities. If you're a couch potato, then a high-energy Labrador retriever who needs long walks probably isn't the right dog for you. A Yorkie, content to sit in your purse while you shop, will feel like a match made in heaven. If your guy's idea of a perfect day includes waking at dawn to go for a run before biking, while the most strenuous activity you're willing to do after sleeping in on a Saturday is going to a movie, you may want to reconsider starting a relationship. Unless both of you will be willing to change your pace at times and do what the other person enjoys, you might drift apart.

    Is Religion Important to You?

    What's the Perfect Number of Children to Have?

    • Different views regarding children could be a deal breaker in a relationship.Jupiterimages/Goodshoot/Getty Images

      This is an indirect way to assess how your potential mate feels about having children of his own, and how many. It's the perfect time to ask, too, if it's early in your relationship. Maybe you don't see any children in your future but your guy's answer reveals that he's in love with the idea of raising his own little league team. If you hope to have lots of children one day and he says that anyone who has more than two are insane, it's important to know early on. Remember his feelings could change or he may be open to persuasion, but it's better to not be taken completely by surprise later on. This is one area where compromises may not only be difficult but impossible.

    If You Won the Lottery, What Would You Buy?

    • How you would spend a sudden fortune reveals a lot about you.Pixland/Pixland/Getty Images

      This may seem like a silly question to ask on a date, but his answer will reveal a lot of information about what's most important to him. If he's materialistic or just into cars, maybe the first thing he'll buy is a Mercedes or BMW, or you may discover his goal to open his own catering business. If he says he would buy a house, maybe it reveals he's a conservative guy whose priorities will lie in providing for his future family. Possibly, you may find out that you share the dream of sailing into the sunset on your own yacht.

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