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Increasing economic pressure and a desire to migrate to greener pastures has caused Russian women to turn to the west for better prospects.
Marrying a foreigner has become a trend in Russia.
The number of marriage agencies promoting such cross-cultural marriages doubles each year.
There are a few hundred such agencies in the two main cities in Russia, Moscow and St.
The societies in both Russia and the US are not entirely in favor of such marriages.
Nevertheless, there is a need for a connection on both sides.
The number of Internet dating agencies representing Russian women has increased over the last few years.
For most Russian women, being a housewife in Russia is a luxury.
A dwindling economy has forced women to take up jobs in order to provide for their families.
Russian women find it very difficult to pursue a career and are paid far less than their male counterparts.
Even a successful career does not guarantee a reasonable standard of living.
Educated Russian women find it easier to blend with a western culture.
They are confident that marriage to a US citizen will enable them to find a better life for themselves.
An ability to combine a career with a keenness to fulfill their domestic obligations makes them ideal companions for western men.
Social and economic pressures have turned a large percentage of Russian men to alcohol and drug addiction.
Coupled with poor health standards, this does not make them ideal husbands.
There is also a demographic disproportion between men and women.
Women outnumber men by around 12 percent in the age group of 30 and above.
This leaves Russian women with lesser chances of finding a suitable partner in their own country.
Many Russian women sign up with dating agencies in search of a life partner abroad.
Over 100,000 women are featured by these agencies.
In their quest for a stable and secure life, Russian women are even open to getting married to considerably older western men.
From a US perspective, an ever-increasing rate of divorce and a decline in family values has made many westerners turn to Russian brides for emotional comfort.

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