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How to Braid a Mane

    • 1). Catch the horse with a halter and tie it to a secure post or hitching ring. Braiding is time-consuming and tying the horse eliminates excessive movement as you braid.

    • 2). Cut 24 12-inch-long strands of yarn and set them on your work surface. If you don't have a grooming stand or table nearby, lay the yarn sections over the horse's back to keep them close at hand as you braid.

    • 3). Comb through the mane to work out knots, and dampen with a brush dipped in water. Separate the mane into 1-inch-wide pieces, wrapping rubber bands loosely around each section. A horse's mane lies on either the left or right side of its neck; braid the mane on the side it naturally falls on.

    • 4). Coat the first section with a layer of hair gel, and divide the hair into three equal parts. Braid the hair approximately halfway down the length of the mane.

    • 5). Lay a section of yarn under the back of the braid and place the left side of the yarn in the section of hair farthest to the left, and the right side of the yarn in the right-side hair section. Incorporate the yarn into the hair as you braid down to the ends of the strands. Once you reach the end of the braid, wrap the two sections of yarn twice around the end of the hair to secure the braid.

    • 6). Thread a yarn hook through the middle of the braid, and fold the braid in half with the ends of the yarn resting against the underside of the hair. Loop the yarn around the hook and pull the yarn up through the braid, wrapping the yarn twice around the folded braid. Secure the completed braid with a square knot and trim away excess yarn. Repeat Steps 3 through 6 with the remaining sections of mane.

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