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Outsourcing Is More Than A Cost Killer

Outsourcing is not purely a cost containment measure, since it comes once the confirmation in the form of a study. Conclusion of the outsourcing of Deloitte Reports 2008: Most companies do not exploit the strategic opportunities and prospects for a swap, but set primarily on a cost savings.

"The numbers are impressive: 83 percent of drivers surveyed 300 companies have achieved through outsourcing measures, an ROI of over 25 percent. Still, only shows about one third of respondents said they have received innovative impulses through outsourcing, is also good third would use today, more time searching for the right partner. Half of them said they would vote on the agreements with the partner more effectively to the strategic objectives of the company. Too few companies have outsourcing as a strategic measure and understand the service provider as a partner - in most cases, the real potentials remained untapped.

Beyond the cost saving effect are currently only a few companies with the potential of transformation and reinvention of business awareness as a strategic instrument. Ideally, the firm can thus gain a competitive advantage, which makes the cost savings will appear as a secondary effect. It is important to orient the outsourcing activities closely related to the business strategies of the company and also taking into account possible future developments. This has not been sufficient in the process of the swap, and included contracts that regrets nearly half of the companies. These companies would swap for new processes to use more time to align the service levels more closely to the overall strategy of the company.

Also in the search for the right service provider potentials seem to be not fully utilized. Ideally, the company should already be sending an early precise list of requirements to potential partners. According to about 50 percent of the service they received specifications are qualitatively suboptimal. In addition, many companies choose partners they already know - one does not always informed decision.

"According to the contract should be made the transition into a continuous evaluation of the agreed services. About two thirds of companies surveyed have installed means for evaluating contract compliance, almost as many contact management methods in cooperation with its partners. However, there is no real clarity about the quality and scope of the service, which is due primarily to a need for improvement in communication. Given the strategic importance of outsourcing for the competitiveness of an effective management and, above all, the performance monitoring will be required.

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