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There"s a Bullet Hole in My Shower Door!

There's a bullet hole in my shower door? If you're wondering what that means, you may be an "AA person," Above Average.
Maybe, maybe not.
Let's take a look.
Years ago I took a creative writing course and one of the exercises was to come up with a grabbing first sentence for the beginning of a book.
That was my lead.
Where it would take the reader (and me) is yet unknown because that's all I did with it.
But did it gain your curiosity? It must have because why else would you have opened this? This is not a trick.
But it's a small lesson in the human condition; curiosity.
It's also one of the attributes of the above average person.
But with a catch.
The curious "AA" person is discerning and one who knows when their curiosity will be helpful and when it's a waste of time.
Then they take continuous action.
Curiosity may have killed the cat but it's advanced human kind in all the good ways to where we are, what we've become, and how we've evolved.
Except for intelligence, above average people aren't born that way they are created.
Above average people, regardless of their intelligence, are self-created.
They are created through a resolve to first survive, then to excel and then to thrive.
Once anyone with at least average intelligence comes to the knowledge that regardless of their past, their current circumstances, their bank account, their age, or any other "reason" for remaining average or below, they have no excuse.
If they do, it's between them and their conscience.
Above average people seek the edge in all things.
If that requires extra learning, personal experimentation, a willingness to fail, and to be rejected, they understand that's part of the pathway to their designed intentions.
Above average people have massive expectations to succeed from one moment to one day at a time, and then into the future.
They prepare for success long before it comes, just as the cabin dweller in the woods stocks up on firewood before the winter.
They know it's coming, and they will be prepared.
The above average knows that failure is not an insult or personal failing but quitting is.
Quitting is an injury to themselves, damaging to who they are and to what they represent.
Failures create the stepping stones to the successes that the above average person is seeking.
There are three kinds of above average people: Average - Yes, there are average above average people.
They do just a little bit more to get just a little bit more of life and life's experiences and bounty.
They don't play it as safe as the average person, but pretty close.
They are easily satisfied as they slip into the comfort zones of being more comfortable in their slightly above average lives.
Horizon Seekers - This type of above average individual is searching, seeking, and curious, with a set of goals and standards, yet never satisfied with the status quo.
They will move toward new horizons both geographically and mentally.
These are seldom contented people and may annoy others easily with their obvious aggressiveness.
Evolving - This person is seldom satisfied either, but more at ease in life.
They are usually open-minded and to open-minded skeptics.
They are expansive in their knowledge, willing to share and to network for their own personal gain, yet they will share and create synergistic relationships to continually work on and achieve goals as they discover new and better ways of living.
Their success seems almost effortless as they move through life with far less stress and negative emotions during even the most challenging times.
These are the above average positive types.
Of course there are the above average criminals and negative types too.
But that's obvious.
The above average know that it's not where they are today but what they are doing today to get to where they want to go in life.
I use the term, "Your Inner Wizard," (YIW) which is the power of all that you've done to date in your life.
The lessons and wisdom that you've accumulated from all of your successes, failures, rejections, in fact, all of your experiences and knowledge.
If you call upon the inner resources that you have available, you have to ability to at least sense right/wrong decisions before you act.
Sometimes it seems like magic or high level intuition, but in reality it's being open to listening to that inner voice that will sometimes gently nudge you via a feeling or knowingness without your necessarily knowing how or why.
The AA's take risks in proportion to their potential rewards.
They fail left and right, then move straight ahead when they have more answers and more information.
They use fear with the acronym; F.
First Evaluate According to Risk.
They fail but don't quit.
They may change direction, find another way, but they don't stand down easily.
You are above average for reading this, even if you don't agree with it.
You're on the search for more and better information.
You are curious and above all, you take action.

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