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Private Cloud Computing Beneficial for Businesses

A Private Cloud computing platform is a collection of server, network, and storage hardware dedicated to a specific business for the purpose of cloud computing. A managed private cloud service is a customizable cloud of computing and storage resources that can be configured however the user chooses. When a business moves its entire IT infrastructure to the Cloud, there are immediate benefits.

Benefits of a Private Cloud

The business benefits of a private cloud computing are numerous. For instance, there is a drastic reduction in the use of physical servers and there is zero-downtime when maintenance of hardware and software is taking place.  With the tremendous resource savings such as the reduction in physical servers, the business will benefit from tremendous cost savings without sacrificing flexibility or security.  With the ability to dynamically change configurations users obtain the full benefit of the flexibility.

With the cloud, resources are where they need to be when you need them and you can turn them off in an instant. There is a small piece of software that will continuously monitor your server, memory, storage, and network resources and compare it to work-loads. It will then forecast which servers need more resources. After estimating, it automatically re-allocates resources so that you are always using your cloud computing resources in the most efficient manner. Also, embracing private clouds helps a business better leverage their existing IT resources instead of buying entirely new cloud platforms as workloads and data can be moved to and from internal and external data centers.

More Features and Resources at Lower Costs

With the private cloud, a business will benefit from efficient back up and disaster recovery solutions. When using a private and secure cloud, a business will benefit from meeting PCI, HIPAA, and SOX compliance. The cost for a private cloud computing platform is less than a dedicated server. With the private cloud, resources are billed a per usage basis thereby reducing costs. The flexibility, on-demand resources, high security, agility, and cost savings makes Private Cloud computing  extremely advantageous for small, medium, and large size businesses.

Cloud computing consists of an internet based computer network where the applications and data files are kept on a web based server. Cloud computing provides the benefits of virtualization and pooled processing at a much lower cost than hosting several dedicated machines. Businesses that develop their own private cloud will benefit from the versatility as well as the redundancy that comes with moving from traditional servers to a private cloud.

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