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Some things come to us naturally.
For instance, breathing is habitual, eating is a necessity and sleeping is a needed rejuvenation from a hard day.
We seldom think about how we perform these activities.
For most, they are effortless.
Similarly, each of the Principles of Attraction could be accessed with lucid, internal reflection.
Fortunately, with our busy lifestyles, others have helped us by sharing them in cohesive thoughts.
In starting, or maintaining, a business they can be used to propel us forward.
All in all, there are 28 Principles of Attraction (Copyright © 2005 by Coach U.
) available for you to utilize in demanding a fantastic future.
Below you will find five to begin working with.
Keep in mind that these start in your personal life first and then spill over into the business world.
Unless they are well practiced and ingrained into who you are, they will never translate successfully or authentically in business.
Creating a vision is the first principle of attraction for the Entrepreneur.
Principle #1: Creating a vision allows you to see what is coming, which means you don't need to create a future.
Instead you are creating an intention and becoming really clear about what you want and how to get it.
The theory behind this is that once you state your intention, it begins to manifest itself.
Michael Gerber, author of The E-Myth, argues that this is the most important step.
His book outlines the importance of knowing what you want and the type of lifestyle you want to create.
From there, he suggests you build your business to fit your ideal lifestyle before your life has no choice but to surrender to your business needs.
Sounds like a good plan, right? Remember to have a big vision.
Michelangelo says: "The greater danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.
" You deserve the best this world has to offer.
The question is - will you be courageous enough to make it happen? In order to follow your vision, you have to be committed.
When you work toward what you really want, you are far more likely to achieve your goals.
If you find yourself missing the mark, take ownership.
Stop making excuses and stop blaming other people.
Look inside, evaluate if you really want it and then figure out what you need to do to get it.
Our second principle is about how to get past the hurdles that pop up along the way.
Principle #2: See how perfect the present really is...
even when it clearly is not.
Some days you just can't win and everything seems to go wrong.
Imagine this: you wake up to a seemingly normal day until your shower is cold, your coffee doesn't taste right, your dog is pulling the stuffing out of one of your couch cushions and your car dies on the way to work.
Perfect moments, huh? Admittedly, sometimes it is hard to see our lessons.
One wise business owner once shared that they thought these moments served as the Universe testing our commitment to our goals.
By forcing us to stop and face reality instead of barreling forward uninhibited towards our goals, we have to re-evaluate if we really want it bad enough to keep going.
Each moment serves as a lesson and it is up to us whether we listen or not.
Jack Canfield, author of The Success Principles and co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, came up with this equation for success: Event + Reaction = Outcome.
Depending on your reaction to a particular event determines your outcome.
You can choose to let an unfortunate incident ruin your day, or you can learn your lesson from it and go on with your day unaffected.
Maybe it serves as a reminder that you need to slow down, maybe it's a reminder to get organized or to be more patient.
Whatever the lesson, listen up and make the most of it! Principle #3: Become irresistibly attractive to yourself: By living authentically according to your purpose, your vision and your choices, you become a magnet for others who have similar viewpoints.
Personally, this means you surround yourself with people who understand you and can help you fulfill your needs.
In business, this means you are attracting your ideal clients.
Have you ever thought about your ideal client? What if you were working with people everyday that you loved working with? It can happen! By knowing yourself and what type of people you enjoy being around and work best with, you can start attracting those personality types to you.
Try to decipher whom you know that inspires and challenges you.
Seek out those types as you move forward.
We tend to attract people who are similar to ourselves, who make us feel safe.
Remember to add some to your list who really challenge you as well.
Once you are comfortable in your own confidence, you will exude a personality that people want to be around.
Soon, you can't help but draw others in who want to be around you! Once you've become irresistibly attractive to yourself, then you can market your talents shamelessly.
Principle #4: Market your Talents Shamelessly: Take a moment and write down 2 talents that you are most proud of.
What made those two come to mind immediately? How can you (or do you?) utilize those skills each day personally and professionally? Whether we are selling a service or a product, most of the time we are really selling ourselves.
As we are the face and the voice, our customers must relate to us.
If you are embarrassed or unclear about your true talents, you can't sell them personally or professionally.
Once you are clear about your skills, you can use them to your advantage.
We each have a challenge everyday to be our best.
Often, we don't measure up.
Be it fear that we are not important enough, that we don't deserve it, or that someone will say the dreaded word "no" to us, we are afraid to be brilliant.
If we choose to allow this fear to take over, we do a disservice to ourselves and to others.
By making that choice, you deprive the world of knowing how truly amazing you are and what a truly amazing product you have to offer.
If you don't feel that way about your product, perhaps you are selling the wrong thing! Our final and most important principle is to eliminate delay.
Principle #5: Eliminate Delay - Time is expensive.
"I believe life is constantly testing us for our level of commitment, and life's greatest rewards are reserved for those who demonstrate a never-ending commitment to act until they achieve.
This level of resolve can move mountains, but it must be constant and consistent.
As simplistic as this may sound, it is still the common denominator separating those who live their dreams from those who live in regret.
" -Tony Robbins All of your yesterdays have past and tomorrow might not exist, so why waste today? Start with the thing you fear most.
By tackling the big objects first, you free up your mind (and your nerves) for more opportunity.
Often, the fearful tasks are not as bad as the imagination creates them to be.
It's also important to take care of any little tasks that you are tolerating.
Each day those tiny "need-to-do" tasks take up room in your mind.
Creating an abundance of time by clearing out the small tasks allows for more freedom and less stress.
Be intentional about taking care of things as they come up.
Once you have more time, you can dream up bigger goals to add to your vision.
This brings us back to Principle number one, which will continue to grow and change.
Don't waste any more of the time you have to market your talents and show the world what you have to offer.
Dream big, don't let your head get in the way and create time to fully go after everything you want.
You deserve it!

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