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The Latent And Manifest Goals And The Nato

The Latent and Manifest Goals and the NATO:

Dr. Hasan Yahya

We live in a naïve world believes what has been told. Satellite technology dominate the minds of the people and direct their perceptions! Schools have both latent and manifest rules,  CIA the same has overt and covert operations, husband and wife relationships also has both latent and manifest rules or news.

What does that mean? It is amazing the CIA, NATO, OIC, Zionism, Islamism, Arabism,  Jihadis, schools, factories, courts.  etc., etc., have hidden and clear rules. Is there a connection between organizations,  complex or simple like families, or just by chance? We have to check. 

Example: The crazy in the street about Jesus! A company likes to promote its sale, a brilliant idea came from a new employee, he has some knowledge of CIA hidden practices. He suggested to bring a person near the company, and stand on the street and look at a point little higher than the company building, For many hours he was looking to the same spot. In few hours many people joined him, the news given to people that the crazy have seen Jesus over there, with his finger pointing to the company. The news came and began to show the vision of Jesus over the building which carries the name of the product. The margin of the company's stocks was rising by the volume sale made after the vision.

Jesus was not involved, but was used by intelligent sale person to increase the sale of the company. A naïve person cam with that idea. What types of ideas may come from more intelligent greedy persons or organizations or nations. The hidden goals were debated between the latent and manifest goals. Both may found in any organization, small or large, among males and females. Among Arabs, Jews, Chinese, Christians, and atheists and tragically disaster like   9/11 attacks on the USA.  

Terrorist attacks in Iraq was made by a stay behind groups, may be to blame the Muslims, to cover up the War on terrorism and give it legitimacy in the world community. In the old West, the sheriff was going to loose his job for over secure community, The council point of view was , if the community has no crimes, then we don't need a sheriff. The sheriff on his part asked in the process of protecting his post, he invited some   people with criminal records to begin a series of home theft, burglary and setting fire around to show that his job is needed and the community is insecure without his job.           

All what you see on TV, hear in radios, and read in newspapers or browse on the internet, is 10 percent true, 50% is between true and false and may be 30% is totally false news. The ten percent is what you concentrate upon is missing from the news reports and websites and TV shows. Let me ask this question to explain what I mean by latent and manifest, or overt-covert operations. Was terrorism initiated really by Muslims? Doubts began to flow on the service after 9/11. See Realjews. Org to know more about it . Mumbai attacks, who benefit from it? Other than the enemies of the two countries?

In Iraq? Who benefit from terrorist acts? The Americans to justify their existence in the region. In Afghanistan, the suicide bombers, who are they? We always have their names to be distributed and people blindly believe the TV news. Villages are demolished to kill one person, countries are destroyed to kill one person? And we say: Muslims are terrorists! Arabs are terrorists! And Jews are terrorists! I don't think so! It is a game between professionals and undergraduate students. Meaning between professionals and practitioners. I think history will tell. Some Jews are terrorist! some Arabs are! Some Muslims are too! And some security companies are terrorists. Terrorism in fact is periodical when necessary to reach certain goals [ hidden or shown to the public]

If you ask yourself, who benefit from terrorism? you immediately ask who's behind terror acts? I would say that creating tension between Pakistan and India for example, does not benefit the two countries. The enemies of the two countries have made these terrorist of Mumbai  recently. Investigation should be who's behind the Muslim militants. These Jihadist groups are naïve enough to believe the exploiters of their forces. With little money and perceived success to hurt the perceived enemy, you can use a large number of terrorists in a short time. Muslims are deceived by the "stay behind groups" and sometimes, may claim that they did it, while they did not. While they hurt their cause in both cases.    

 The Idea of terrorism: The idea of terrorism benefits whom? The Muslims are the most losers in it? Are we initiating Jihad to loose our dignity? I don't think so. Jihadists are used in most operations and pushed to the front scene to show Islam in the bad way. And people believe that especially governments in order to get the bait. And surrender may be to foreign powers.

Money or wealth or may be politics is behind all what we watch on TV and hear in radios and read in newspapers and serf the internet. Intellectuals are crazy, or become targets for terrorism from their governments or the foreigners if they know of the hidden and covert operations. Terrorism was not initiated by Muslims, They  are beginners in the game, after WWII, NATO itself was involved in terrorist acts under several names, Gladio the Italian Sword, was  a code name denoting the clandestine NATO "stay behind" operation in Italy after WWII, intended to counter an eventual Warsaw Pact invasion of Western Europe. Although Gladio specifically refers to the Italian branch of the NATO stay-behind organizations, "Operation Gladio" is used as an informal name for all stay-behind organizations, sometimes called "Super NATO".

While Lord Ismay made his famous remark that NATO (signed in 1949)  was created "to keep the Russians out, the German down, and the Americans in." what we see these days that Germany still in, as well as Russia.The main 26 NATO member nations are: Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States of America. NATO was getting the multifaceted way in which a binding security pact would stabilize order in the West. In fact the security alliance was the key to binding Europeans with the United States to provide strategic restraint, reassurance, and integration among the Atlantic democracies. Now the NATO role is changing to cover the globe.

Bilateral ties with Japan, Korea, Taiwan and other Southeast Asia play a similar role. To be sure, the NATO was meant to deter Soviet aggression.  It became the power to balance between the United States and the Soviet Union.  It was only after the Korean war to defeat Communism, an integrated military structure took hold and the American military commitment became permanent.

The NATO has additional purposes, one was to tie Germany to Europe to satisfy security binding measures.  And to institutionalize the American commitment to Europe. If we ask now, what is the  role NATO plays these days, while cooperation with Russia is necessary to supply NATO forces in Afghanista. Is there a hidden goal of the new cooperation. And what price the NATO pays for Russia. Here you may say: now I understand the difference between latent and manifest goals of the NATO. Which is not necessary for all goals of NATO to be announced.   

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