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Do you love the freedom of just kicking off your flip-flops and feeling the sand between your toes on the beach as you walk into cooling water? Then bring your love of the beach life into the most personal event of your life -- your wedding. Wedding favors sporting beach themes have become a very popular way for couples to express their laid back summer approach to life. The idea of flip flops as wedding favors is a very versatile concept to work with.

The shape of flip flop sandals is conducive to many trinkets that can be used as wedding favors for your fun loving guests including key chains, bottle openers, magnets, place card holders, frames, candles, and so much more. You can even make a whimsical centerpiece using a simple fish bowl, water, and some vibrant floating candles shaped like flip flops. If you love the beach and a laid back lifestyle then there's no better way to show off your carefree attitude than with some great flip flop wedding favors. After all, this day is for you and you've planned it so that you and your guests can take home amazing keepsakes and even better memories.

Flip flop wedding favors and accessories are a very unique and innovative idea, so you might be thinking that it's going to be next to impossible to find them even if they are what you really want to celebrate your wedding with. Well, here are a few samples of what you can find when you shop online for wedding favors.

Flip Flop Photo Frames:

These adorable five inch tall flip flops are hand craft and painted in a variety of crazy patterns and vibrant colors and come in a set of six. They will certainly add an intense spark of life to your wedding reception. They will be great as wedding favors or even place card holders, you can just think of so many different ways to use these little flip flops, so be creative and add your own ideas such as personalized photos or messages for your loved ones to take home.

Just Married Flip Flop Key Chain:

This set of six key chains comes in a black and white design with the words "Just Married" written in script across the center. These key chains will look great in any color scheme and are an alternative to brightly colored flip flop accessories if your theme isn't as vibrantly colored as the flip flop photo frames. They will look great as accents on your tables, carrying keys, or attached to the luggage you take on your special honeymoon.

Design Flip Flop Refrigerator Magnets:

Give these multicolored flip flop magnets out to your guests so that they can tack up pictures of your wedding and of their own special events on their refrigerators or other magnetic surfaces. What a great way to constantly be reminded of the fun times everyone shared at your wedding!

So remember, if your planning a beach themed wedding the favors above can really help you with your planning.

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