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Read This Article If You Are Very Much Against Cruelty To Animals

Are you completely enraged at the cruelty to animals, which goes on around the world? Are you equally appalled that in the United States, a country of plenty and abundance that animals could be neglected and mistreated, even beaten and injured through human abuse to these pets? Do you ever wonder what kind of a person would abuse an animal or why anyone would ever do that? Why on Earth would anyone be cruel to an animal? If you see a friend mistreat their pet, don't you begin to think less of them as a person, even want to disavow their friendship completely, sometimes right then and there on the spot? "You jerk, why did you kick your dog; how would you like it if someone kicked you?" Well the fact is someone probably did once or many times, perhaps this moron was abused as a child growing up too? But even so does that give them a right to be cruel to animals? Certainly not, there is no excuse, none what so ever.
They do not deserve a pet and no pet deserves to be treated like that.
We must stop cruelty to animals and animal abuse.
Unfortunately the group PETA is completely out of control and gone off the deep end.
We need to all work together to stop people who are losers from mistreating animals, which mean us no harm.
Think on this.

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