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On Those Shows We Love That End Too Soon

If adults are allowed to have an attitude and flaunt it through their clothes, can babies be far behind? Today's trendy parents want trendier babies dressed in clothes that make a statement.
And humor is an essential part of what is cool, hip and in.
There is a whole industry that caters to funny baby clothes.
There is, however, nothing funny about the garments themselves -- they have to be comfortable, functional and skin-friendly, as per the standards.
It is the writing on the wall - in this case, the clothes - that makes them funny! Visualize a baby boy wearing a perfectly ordinary top carrying a message, ""If I can reach it, I can wreck it.
"" Or think of a pretty little girl blinking innocently, while her tee shirt announces, "I cry only when cuddled by ugly grown-ups.
" A baby being fed lovingly by its mother might carry the warning, "I spill at will" on its bib.
Now, that is funny! The craze for funny baby clothes has spawned an entire clothing segment that deals specifically with emblazoning baby clothes and baby accessories like bibs, caps and hats with funny messages.
It does not matter that the babies themselves may be too young to read the deadly one-liners - what does matter is that a funny style statement has been made.
Fortunately, it is not too difficult to look for clothes with an attitude - unlike designer baby clothes, they are easily available, and, as many parents believe, much more chic and affordable.

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