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Materials Used in Kettles

    High-Grade Steel

    • High grade steel is the most common material used for creating the outer shell of a kettle. The shell is made by using a punch press to cut steel sheets and create steel stampings. Steel is also used to create the solid base that houses the electrical components.

    Low-Density Plastics

    • Low-density plastic such as polypropelene (PP) and polythylene (LLDPE) are used alongside the steel housing, often to create the upper part, lid and handle of the kettle. Some low-grade kettles use low density plastics for the kettle's shell, instead of high-grade steel. Clear low-density plastic may also be used to create a viewing window, to clearly display how much water the kettle contains.


    • Rubber is used to create small rubber feet, which sit underneath the kettle's base and protect work surfaces from heat damage.

    Electrical Components

    • Electric kettles use electricity to boil water. The electrical wires are made of low-resistant metals such as copper, which are surrounded by a protective plastic casing.


    • Some modern stove-top and electric kettles have an outer shell that is made of heat-proof glass.

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