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Achieving Your Goals - A Journey Of A Thousand Miles - Part 2

As you know, making change in your life can huge.
It can also be a long journey, as stated in Part One.
Sometimes we may underestimate how much reach effort we will need to put into achieving our goal, or in being in our ideal position.
In Part One we covered having the idea in the first place and how The Law of Attraction can help, but how it isn't necessarily enough on its own - you need to take action.
Before you take action however, you need to have a plan.
Panic - Where Do I Start? You may be thinking 'well, that's just great, however I have no idea how I am going to achieve what I want - I don't even know where to start!' Don't worry, as in this, Part Two of this series, we will look at creating an action plan, a step by step guide or road map to achieving your dreams.
This action plan will help you to uncover those dreams in bigger detail, heighten your desire to achieve those ambitions and show you exactly how you want your life to be like - and more importantly, how you can get there.
Why Have An Action Plan? This is where you plan what you want.
As it is quoted by the great Chinese Taoist Philosopher, Lao Tzu 'a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
' You have to actually make a move towards what you want.
However, taking a step involves first having a map or plan - it involved knowing where you are headed.
Even the most spontaneous people have some sort of idea about, well, their idea! They might fail, but they all start with an idea and a rough plan about how to make it happen.
They might not know all the steps, and their plan may be very vague, but at least they have one and they know what they want the end result to be.
Making Your Action Plan Making a plan is simply a step by step idea on how to get what you want.
It doesn't have to be daunting and it doesn't have to be in minute detail.
Some people find it easy to start with the beginning action and work through to the last step (the end result), others prefer to start at the end result and work back to the beginning.
Some prefer to start with the end result and the beginning step and just fill in as much of the middle detail as possible.
It really is down to what works best for you.
Put Your Plan In Writing So, grab a pen and paper and write down where you are now.
Now, depending on which of the above options works for you, write down where you want to be, what you want to achieve.
Then simply fill in the gaps in the middle.
If you get stuck on a step, work from the other end of the plan, or research it a bit further - researching a step in itself, can be another step.
Fill out all the steps - and there you have it! Your very own action plan! Panic Stations You may start to notice doubts creeping in, or a little annoying voice trying to discourage you.
Well, don't worry, this is just your little gremlin and in Part 3 we will look at ways of counteracting this, so you can crack on with your steps!

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