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What Are Houseflies Attracted To?

    Decaying Items

    • Flies feed on decaying matter such as feces and rotting meat. Do not leave meat on the counter – or even in the refrigerator – for long periods of time as it may attract flies. Clean up immediately any animal or pet feces on the ground.


    • Fruit that over-ripens can attract flies, as can the sugar from spilled alcohol, beer or pop. Clean up spills right after they happen, and throw away fruit that is too ripe to eat. If you don't want to waste the food, use it to make something else – such as bananas for banana bread.


    • One of the most common places to find flies is around garbage cans, whether they are inside or outside. Seal the cans, or the bags in the cans, to prevent flies from getting into them. If they do, they may lay eggs, while will result in maggots.

    Baits and Traps

    • If there are flies in your house and you want to kill them, you can attract them to an area. Commercial products are available that do just that, such as fly paper. Another method is to place a teaspoon or molasses or an over-ripe banana on the counter and wait for the flies to find them. When they do, kill them with a fly swatter.

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