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Seattle Comprehensive High Schools

    • Seattle has several comprehensive high schools.seattle image by Mat Hayward from

      Comprehensive high schools are designed to suit the needs of all students, without regard to their specific economic, academic or social background. Almost all public schools in the United States are considered comprehensive. These comprehensive high schools include, educate and enrich all high-school age adolescents within a specific geographic boundary, such as the city of Seattle. Seattle features many comprehensive high schools within the city boundaries.

    Ballard High School

    • Ballard High School celebrates its 110th anniversary in September 2011. As of the start of 2010, Ballard High School boasts 1,600 students who engage in a variety of curricular and extracurricular activities. It offers specific programs in finance, biotechnology, maritime and video production.

      Students in these special academic programs earn college credit while learning the skills required to succeed in the specified industry. Students are also encouraged to participate in a six- to eight-week paid internship in the last half of their high school career so that they can gain real-world experience. Academy of Finance students are given the chance to participate in a spring semester exchange program with another Academy of Finance class in New York City. Maritime students complete an adventure trip every year that focuses on a marine activity, such as kayaking or sailing.

      Ballard High School
      1418 NW 65th St.
      Seattle WA 98117

    Chief Sealth High School

    • Chief Sealth High School offers a wide array of activities for its diverse, multicultural student body. In addition to regular, honors and advanced placement courses, Chief Sealth also offers International Baccalaureate (IB) courses, as well as a complete IB diploma.

      Multicultural programs include world languages and Proyecto Saber, a bilingual and bicultural tutoring program. World-language classes include Arabic, Japanese and Mandarin Chinese. It is the only high school in Seattle with a Mariachi band class. Exchange programs to China and Guatemala are also available.

      Chief Sealth High School
      5950 Delridge Way SW
      Seattle WA 98106

    Franklin High School

    • Franklin High School focuses on supporting its students and improving every student's chance to graduate. Upon arrival at Franklin, freshmen are assigned into classes with classmates who share the same language arts, world history and physical science instructors. This way, students are given an opportunity to build stronger connections with each other as they share time in the classroom and in the hallways traveling between each class. To further ease the high school transition, Franklin ensures that all teachers have shared academic and classroom expectations. Freshmen are also given a variety of assessment tests to determine what skills the students need to improve in order to be successful throughout their high school career.

      Franklin High School
      3013 S. Mount Baker Blvd.
      Seattle WA 98144
      (206) 252-6150

    Ingraham High School

    • Ingraham High School provides a wide academic selection to its diverse student population. All incoming freshmen start their school career at Ingraham by participating in a "Seven Habits of Highly Successful Teens" training seminar.

      Ingraham is one of only two schools in Seattle that teach and award International Baccalaureate Program diplomas. It offers other focused programs as well, such as the Academic of Information Technology and the School-to-Work programs.

      Outside of class, Ingraham offers many athletic programs and educational activities, including swim team, football, yearbook and the Model United Nations.

      Ingraham High School
      1819 N. 135th St.
      Seattle WA 98133

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