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How Do I Do Burglaries in "Grand Theft Auto"?

    • 1). Find a black Boxville van in the game. These vans are located in various locations in the game. For example, a black Boxville can be found in the Idlewood area of the Los Santos city, across the street from the gym. Move the in-game character next to the van and press the action button to enter the vehicle.

    • 2). Drive the van around the game until the in-game clock reads "20:00" and press the "special" button to begin the mission (R3 on a PlayStation and the "2" key on a PC). The burglary mission can only be played from 20:00 to 6:00 of in game time which gives you 10 minutes of real time to complete the mission.

    • 3). Drive to a neighborhood and look for a house that has a yellow arrow pointing at the front door. These are houses which are available to burgle. Park so the back of the van is as close to the front of the front door of the house as possible.

    • 4). Enter the house. You will notice that there is a noise meter on the screen. This meter will grow the "louder" your character is. If the meter maxes out, you will have 10 seconds to exit the house before the in-game police arrive. Move slowly through the house to keep your noise to a minimum.

    • 5). Walk up to any of the items in the house and press the action button to pick up the item. Common items to steal are televisions, stereos, and gaming equipment. Once you have picked up the item, carefully walk back through the house to the van. Press the action button to place the item in the van.

    • 6). Enter the van. A new destination point will appear on the radar on the bottom left of the screen. This is the lockup area where you drop off your goods. Drive to the lockup area and pull into the garage there. The burgled items will be tallied and you will receive cash for the items. You must steal a total of $10,000 in-game dollars to complete the mission and gain the "Infinite Sprint" award which will allow the character to run without getting tired and stopping.


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