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How to Make Camping Croatia a Memorable Experience

Anyone who studies the map of Croatia would immediately realize the fact that because it is a land of diverse physical features it offers plenty of scope for outdoor and adventurous activities like camping. For people who love mountains and plains, Dinaric Alps in the south and Slavonia in the east are perfect locales for camping Croatia. Likewise beach lovers could try camping Istria not to mention the archipelago which forms the south east flank of the country in the Adriatic Sea. Then there are the Plitvice Lakes and national parks which serve as campsites too.

If you are an inhabitant of one of the colder climes of the world then obviously you would wish to spend your holiday in a place which is liberally bathed with sunshine. In this regard, camping Croatia on one of its many islands would be ideal as these are characterized by the warm Mediterranean climate. Krk is the largest island in the group followed by Cres and although both are equally accessible, it is the former which attracts more tourists as compared to the latter. Similarly camping Istria can be experienced on the Brijuni Islands which are towards the north and comprise of fourteen islets.

Exploring further sites for camping Croatia would lead you to facts that the islands of Losinj and Rab are greenery personified, the former due to vegetation and the latter courtesy of pine forests. Hvar holds the distinction of being the sunniest island, Brac the liveliest and Vis the most fascinating in terms of history and heritage. Korcula is covered with thick dense forest cover while ethnic inhabitants of Susak Islands like to dress up in bright colors and converse in a distinct dialect of their own. Another product which these islands are famous for is lavender oil but this may not hold good for camping Istria.

Croatia shares a maritime border with Italy and it is here that the picturesque, popular and prosperous destination of Istria is located. Camping Istria is a one of the most famed branch of camping Croatia thanks to the region's diversity and confluence of cultures. Being easily accessible, Istria comprises of a number of different towns and is liberally dotted with historic buildings too but camps can be set up in any of the resort towns and these are nestled amidst natural settings. Camping in this region would also expose tourists to numerous local events and festivals which take place frequently.

Prior to departing for camping Croatia, one of the most essential requisites is to prepare a checklist and adhere to it strictly. Of course much of the components would be determined by the number of people in the group and the weather in which camping would be conducted. As far as the camping gear is concerned, acquisition would depend on the location of the campsite. While a secluded campsite would mean going with full preparation, camping Istria can be facilitated by purchasing all the requisite supplies from the local market itself including flashlights and repellents.

Depending on the chosen campsite, camping Croatia also entails basic preparation in form of sleeping bags, meals, drinking water and equipment. Carrying an axe or spade is also a must since there might be times when you would have to cut shrubs and trees to collect firewood. Other things would include paper towels and entertainment gadgets like MP3 players and a barbeque set. Of course these would be readily accessible in case of camping Istria due to towns located in close proximity but it always pays to be well prepared for a camping trip to be enjoyable.

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