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Australia Sex Slave Girl's Imprisonment Life for 8 Years (I)

How to spend 8 years for totally 3096 days in the five square meters dungeon?

Natascha. Kampusch was kidnapped then missing at her 10 years old. In the following, she was jailed and abused in a 5 square meters room for 8 and half years. August 2006  Natascha finally escaped out and freed. September 9th, the 22-year-old girl came back with her autobiography 3096 Days to reveal the experience for 8 years with totally 3096 days trapped in a five square meters dungeon at length for the first time.

 In those years, Kampusch was locked in a sealed "concrete prisons". At the most painful time, she was beaten more than 200 times per week, even the sound of broken bones could be heart.  She was starved, tortured even became the sex slaves. The all Seems to be happened on yesterday for Kampusch.

 She is angry with her mom before been kidnapped

The autobiography recorded the things before and after the kidnapping.
At that time, Kampusch's the parents have separated. She first came to father's house the day before the kidnapping. His father sent Kampusch back home a little late, and then her mother was furious, and forbade her to visit his father again.

The next day, Kampusch did not say "goodbye" to her mother, directly refused her month's the proposal to send her to school as a punishment, and went to school with Backpack Bag alone.

In the streets, she saw big truck parked two meters away, a man standing near it. In the autobiography, she described "He looked me straightly with eyes empty. It looked as if he was lost; I even have a desire to help him." she hesitated, when she came to the man, "It seems I should be away from him and go quickly, but do not know why t I did not."

Listening to the kidnappers read stories at first night

In the following, "all happened too fast." When Kampusch walked past from the man, he grabbed her waist and put her into the car, drive away immediately."

In the car, the man kept calling. Kampusch asked in dismay: "Do you want to do sexual harassment to me?" The other said: "You're too young, I would not do that. I'll take you into the woods to lead you to others. we will never meet in future."

 When the car finally stopped at a pine forest in time, the man said: "They won't come."
Thus, Kampusch was taken to a cold and dark dungeon; it is less than 5 square meters. Subsequently, she knew the man's name: Wolfgang • Puri Claude Pierre.

 At the first night, Kampusch asked him to tell story for her. Then he read one chapter of "Princess and the Pea" under the light of Light Bulb

Release her anger by throwing bottles at first 6 months

The small dungeon is only 1.6 meters high without the window. The door is made of metal. There are a single bed, a toilet ,a sink in it and a  Light Bulb . So she just could throw the bottles to release anger.

After Kampusch was Jailed for 6 months, she required Puri Claude Pierre take her to take a bath on the ground. It says in the autobiography, "He asked me to follow. At this time, I found the door leading upstairs is a monster made of concrete! I was enclosed in a fully sealed concrete room"

 In the first 6 months, in order to make someone heard, she threw the bottles to the wall and pounded the wall with his fist.  But all struggles are in vain. Kampusch said sadly, "that little room almost drove her crazy. Occasionally, I've dreamed of the ax, and I cut his head off."

In the later 8 years, she suffered a lot, but she was always strong and insisted on finding chance to escape. So at last, she successfully freed form the miserable life. Now she bravely led a good life and wants to share that period of worst experience in her autobiography. In the following, something more miserable have been recorded in the autobiography, hope all the readers would gain a lesson and cherish our life. 

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