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Rough Hewn Heart - Roger Holzheimer - CD Review

Rough Hewn Heart is a CD by Roger Holzheimer.
This new, unique voice has titled his CD well, using his wistful Colorado backdrop to reflect on love lost and love found.
What Holzheimer has done is more than find his voice, an accomplishment in itself in today's blurred, sound alike musical genres.
Tapping into those strings that have pulled all of our hearts, he has achieved a long held dream of being a successful recording artist.
Roger, no different than a million others, was given a guitar as a young teenager.
Through careers, marriages, relocations, reunions and the decades...
Roger never stopped strumming his guitar, writing songs and singing not just from his Rough Hewn Heart, but to his innermost dream as well.
Roger has known he had the influences and experiences that shaped his outlook on love and was confident these would resonate for others.
Using these experiences, he has created a CD with feelings full of a raw, honest, labor of love.
He achieved what we all hope to accomplish: his dream.
Track 2 is "Found" and I recommend your internet search to listen and see if it resonates feelings of love and a dream fulfilled.
While there are influences of Rundgren, Mitchell, Costello and Coltrane, Roger makes the lyrics his own, performs from his candid perspective, allowing the listener to see they can use personal experiences to accomplish their dream as well.
Whose heart isn't rough-hewn? Thousands of poets, writers, doctors and assorted practitioners have tried to tell us what love is.
What Roger has done is shown us, rather than try to tell us, that our hearts are nicked, scraped, and often burnished, but none the less a solid reflection of our individual experiences.
Though each unique, if we are honest with ourselves, we too have a rough hewn heart.
Roger's clarity in lyric and voice helps the listener tap into their own very real, very reflective feelings of lost loves and fortunately, found loves as well.
Our hearts show the wear and tear, but prideful of surviving and understanding the often significant cost, we appreciate what has shaped us and our acquired ability to shape others.
This CD is probably not for younger, unsophisticated listeners, nor probably for those who are not comfortable with seeing one's feelings exposed.
However if on occasion a memory of a lost love enters your reflection, or you assess your span of relationships, though some difficult, you can see they have each helped shape what our hearts are today.
If you are still pursuing your dream, take encouragement that a guy like Roger can achieve his.
Showing us that we too...
even if a tear is shed along the way, our "Rough Hewn Heart" will bring a inspiring smile to our face.

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