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How Can I Make My Own Photography Strobe Light?

    • 1). Purchase a stand-alone flash. You can choose a very inexpensive one that has minimal options.

    • 2). Create a shade. You can use a white, lightweight umbrella for this. If you can't find a white umbrella, spray-paint the inside of the umbrella white, gold or silver. It will be used to reflect the lighting onto your subject and the color of the inside will impact the color of light that is given off.

    • 3). Attach the flash to the tripod. You may need to use a flash-mount or hot-shoe adapter. These can be found online or in camera stores. Some flashes come with mini-stands that will attach to a tripod. Use heavy-duty tape to attach the umbrella to the tripod.

    • 4). Ensure that your flash has batteries. Aim the light at the umbrella.

    • 5). Plug the cord from the flash into your camera. This is how the flash will be triggered when you shoot your photo. You can get an external trigger that attaches to the flash and does not require your camera to be plugged into it. These can be purchased online or in camera stores.

    • 6). Adjust your camera settings accordingly. The brightness of the flash will depend on what type you purchased.

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