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I Want to Get My Ex Back

Breaking up with an ex is just a normal thing nowadays.
But sometimes, it can really affect you and you resort to bugging your ex off through repeated messages, call, and whatever.
Of course, you may find this the easy way amidst your confusion, but in reality you must not act like that - relax.
First thing to do is not to continuously bug your ex.
At this point of time where both negative emotions are on its peak, it is wise to take a break and cool off.
Let time heal for tomorrow, next week, or even the next month would be better for the both of you.
Do not be worried if your ex will find another.
If you really had gone through a lot, this is very unlikely to happen.
The best thing to do while cooling off is to take the time to think - what had happened between you and your partner? Will your partner be worth it? Be objective as much as possible.
Remove all biases like you will decide to love your partner again because your partner gave you a car, and so on.
Do not deprive yourself and take a punishment not worth it.
Imitating those break ups in the movies where both couples do not sleep, eat, work well, and gets obsessed over the partner, it is not worth it.
Self neglecting can even lead to a more negative view of the breakup.
Be positive all the time.
When you believe that the heat and anger is over, talk with your partner.
Reconnect with him or her and start (if possible) all over again.
Remember to start light.
Do not get into the core of the issue because it can cause a trouble again.
You do not want further troubles because of the agonizing moment of cool off.
Once you had the opportunity to talk to your partner once again, grab it, and do well.
It will be all worth it when you're willing and screaming inside: "I want to get my ex back.

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