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Golf Swing Tips - Getting the proper grip will improve your Game

Are you the amateur golfer who seeks to lower that handicap? To enable you to reach your personal goals within the game, one factor which you control can be the key. It has nothing to do with the latest clubs that you carry in your bag. Nor will the amount of time that you practice out on the range be able to guarantee you success. Really, during all of that time on the range you may be practicing incorrectly, anyway. Here is the important golf swing tip: It's all in the grip.

Take the elite pro golfers out on the men's and women's tours. You know who they are: Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Michelle Wie, and Paula Creamer; or former greats such as Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, Nancy Lopez, and Annika Sorenstam. Each one of these pros know of the importance of the grip on their clubs. Amateur golfers should take especially take note of the following fact. The elite pros out on the tour know that the one part of the body which controls the clubface is the hands. You do not control your clubface by the bend of the knees at address, through the proper shoulder turn, or in the follow-through position of your feet. They are all important with regards to the swing itself. However, it is only your hands, and in particular their position on the club which controls that driver, hybrid, or putter. Getting the proper grip with your hand position on the club is an important factor that will improve your game.

Very few amateurs have the ability to hit the ball straight a majority of the time. While that would be a great asset towards lowering that handicap, many non-pros are simply incapable of performing this feat, consistently. Almost all of the top ten level pros out on tour are able to slice or hook the ball to fit the design of each hole, almost at will. But, that's why they have multi-million dollar bank accounts while the rest of us simply hope to break 80 during our Saturday morning foursomes. And, it's also why we sit at home on Sundays during the final rounds of Majors such as the Masters or US Open watching the pros.

For the amateurs, if you have a tendency to slice the golf ball, (hitting it often to the right if you're a right handed player, opposite for the lefty) try changing to what is known as a "strong" grip. While holding the club, move both hands to the right so that you can then see one or two knuckles, (the top knuckles specifically) on your left hand. Importantly during the placement of your hands on the club, your "grip" should be so that you both palms are facing each other. While trying to attain a "strong" grip, adjust the left hand, then the right hand so that your right palm is facing the left palm.

Conversely, if you have a tendency during your practice and/or rounds to hook the ball too much, (hitting it off to the left if you're a right handed player) move both of your hands towards the left, (palms facing) so that you can not see the knuckles on your left hand. The instructions for the left handed player would be the opposite in both cases. Correcting the tendency to straighten out that hook would be using what is called a "weak" grip.

There is one other factor when it comes to the discussion of the individual amateur's grip when holding the club. This golf swing tip simply cannot be over-emphasized. It is crucial that the individual avoid the habit in gripping the golf club too tightly. Any tension in the body during the golfer's swing process is similar to the effect that Kryptonite had on Superman. It is deadly. Consider it an absolute fact that the hands are part of your body. If you grip the club as if your life, (and a low score) depended on it; and if you look down on your knuckles and they're white, guess what? You are almost guaranteed to hit a very poor shot. It is a well known quote from Hall of Fame golfer Sam Snead when asked about gripping the golf club. Snead remarked that you should "hold the club as if you are holding a bird in your hands".

I hope that this golf swing tip with regards to the grip will allow you to show improvement in your game. There are so many other tips and instruction available, too numerous to mention in any one article. If after reading this article, you have found your interest piqued, there is much more help available. Please visit the following site: []

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