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Top 5 Arnold Schwarzenegger Movies on Satellite TV

Arnold Schwarzenegger represents everything American, which is especially impressive for someone who didn't reach the States until after his 20th birthday.
Schwarzenegger is larger than life, in more ways than one, and he's the ultimate manifestation of the American dream.
Leaving Austria early in the 1960s, he traveled to California almost on a whim, with the dream of making it big in America as a bodybuilder.
From this somewhat humble start, he's blossomed into one of Hollywood's biggest stars (not to mention his ascendancy to the governorship of California).
Here are our favorite Arnold movies, in no particular order.
Take note, however: all of these movies are to be viewed only in high definition, with sound blasting from a decent stereo system.
Any less would be an insult to the Governator.
Conan the Barbarian: Mix one part enormous man, and one part poorly written script, and what do you have? The answer is the emergence of Arnold Schwarzenegger onto the international acting scene.
This was one of Arnold's first forays into the acting world, and though his skill set was obviously somewhat raw, any viewer could see his potential to become a superstar.
True Lies: Teaming up opposite Tom Arnold, Schwarzenegger plays a secret agent who's life takes a wrong turn when his wife gets caught up in an international espionage scandal.
The movie was both a critical and popular success, and Jamie Lee Curtis won a golden globe for her role.
Predator: Sent to rescue hostages in Central America, Arnold and his elite team of commandos run into a bigger problem: an alien hellbent on their destruction.
Much of the movie's success hinged on Schwarzenegger's physique (he sports little clothing for the majority of the movie).
Still, it's a must see if you're an action fan, as it represents one of the most important films in this genre.
The Terminator Series: This is one of the best demonstrations of Arnold's versatility.
In the first Terminator, Arnold plays the villain, a robot sent back in time to prevent the birth of the Resistance's leader.
In the second movie, Arnold reprises his role as the Terminator, playing the same android.
This time around, however, he has been sent to protect, rather than destroy.
All three of the films in the Terminator series are phenomenal, especially when viewed on a high quality HD set.
They're highly recommended as an entre into the science fiction genre.
Most sci-fi geeks have just one question for the next installment: will Arnold be a part of it? Eraser: Starring opposite the gorgeous Vanessa Williams, Schwarzenegger plays a U.
Marshall assigned to protect Williams' character.
The two have surprising chemistry on-screen.
Though critics largely panned the movie, it's certainly worth your time.
Make sure to catch it on a solid high definition television set, or risk losing many of the details of the vivid action scenes.

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