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Ace E-Manifest System - Trucks From Mexico

The new Ace E-Manifest System is now in place and this means that all Mexican trucks coming over our border will be digitally recorded and they will be forced to use the electronic manifest system.
This is the latest of several new systems being put in place to protect our Homeland.
Of course one has to ask if it will work? Of course I'm sure it will take a little while to get the bugs out and handle the flow.
The American Trucking Association has information about this on their website and a recent study done by a non-profit think tank and all the information is online.
Chances are this new system will alleviate some of the bureaucracy and time consuming paper work and make it harder for drug smugglers and coyotes (human smugglers of illegal aliens) from getting away with their dastardly deeds.
Lets hope it works.
The new ACE E-Truck Manifest System is suppose to improve border safety and presumably stop some of the ill-repaired trucks from entering our nation.
E-filing streamlines the system and creates permanent records for fast review and yet for some smaller trucking companies it does require new equipment, employee training and additional efforts; cost.
In reading up and studying the plane of the ACE E-Truck Manifest System it appears that it is well-thought out and will help our nation and allow us to know exactly what is coming over our borders and who is bringing it in.
Each time we shore up the holes and leaks on our borders we are better prepared to Protect the American People.

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