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SlashDock 2.6 - RSS News Feed Reader Rating

The Bottom Line

SlashDock is a nice way to keep up with the latest headlines via the Mac OS X Dock. SlashDock can get a bit cumbersome with many feeds, though, and isn't very good at organizing.

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  • SlashDock lets you browse headlines fast
  • Comes with tons of preconfigured feeds
  • Can generate a handy page from all news

  • SlashDock gets cumbersom with many feeds
  • Can't group or filter feeds

    • SlashDock aggregates news via RSS feeds and other means.
    • SlashDock displays headlines sorted by feed in its Dock menu.
    • When new updates arrive, SlashDock's flashes with the feed's icon.
    • SlashDock comes with man preconfigured feeds and supports reading newsgroups via Google Groups.
    • Can generate a digest HTML file of all headlines, viewable in your browser.
    • SlashDock supports Mac OS X 10.2+.

    Guide Review - SlashDock 2.6 - RSS News Feed Reader

    So many news items, and so little time.

    RSS feed readers can help you handle headlines more efficiently. SlashDock in particular is a handy display of headlines. They appear in SlashDock's Dock icon, sorted by feed, and clicking an item automatically opens the article in your browser.

    Unfortunately, feeds cannot be grouped, though, so SlashDock gets a bit cumbersome if you have subscribed to many feeds (which isn't hard, SlashDock itself comes with a huge collection of preconfigured sites and even lets you read newsgroups conveniently via Google Groups).

    The alternative HTML digest of SlashDock headlines isn't completely satisfying either, though it can be useful.

    All in all, SlashDock lets you keep up with a number of sites and blogs easily, but it isn't very good at organizing news if they come in hordes.

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