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Removing The Need For A Quad Bike Accident Claim

The number of quad bike accident claim cases brought in recent years has risen quite dramatically in the UK.
So much so, that in 2010 there was a new scheme introduced in Scotland, with the aim of reducing the number of quad bike accidents.
The scheme means that farms in Scotland are subject to inspections by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), who will be looking at head protection, vehicle maintenance and training.
Here we look at a few pointers that can help all quad bike riders avoid the need to bring an accident claim.
Practice makes perfect You must always bear in mind that q.
bikes have been specifically designed for off-road use and handle very differently from other vehicles.
So even if you have lots of experience riding a motorcycle, you still need to practice before doing anything remotely challenging on a quad bike.
The biggest danger is that the quad bike will overturn - especially when ridden in off-road environments.
Always take time to practice cornering techniques on level ground before taking the bike off-road.
The right protective equipment The biggest danger that you face when involved in a bike accident is head damage.
Therefore it is imperative that you always wear a helmet.
In addition you should not overlook the possibility of injury to other parts of your body; a common quad bike accident claim will be brought to compensate injuries sustained to skin and flesh.
So make sure that you wear boots and protective trousers and jacket.
Carrying a passenger Must quads are designed for one rider.
If a passenger is present it unbalances the vehicle; making it difficult to handle and greatly increasing the chances of toppling.
It is therefore advisable to avoid carrying a passenger if possible.
In the event that you do decide to carry a passenger; make sure that you reduce speed accordingly and lengthen your turning arc to counter the increased likelihood of the bike tipping over.
Consider weather One area that can be easily overlooked when riding a quad bike is that of weather.
Many people expect quad bikes to be capable of operating in all weather conditions without any noticeable difference because they are off-road vehicles.
However, as with all vehicles, they will handle differently in wet and slippery environments.
With this in mind, speed should be reduced and breaking distances increased to allow suitable stopping conditions.
Use your head The best way of avoiding the need to bring an accident claim is to use your head.
If you are an inexperienced quad bike rider do not take on any obstacles that you aren't confident about.
It is easy to get carried away with the excitement of riding a quad bike as the adrenalin kicks in.
Try to take a step back and take a break every now and then to assess what you have been doing and whether you are taking too many risks - then regulate yourself accordingly.

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