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Why Are There So Many Whys in Life? If Only We Had Not Said That - If Only That Had Not Happened!

Miracles and signs and wonders all have a very specific purpose.
Come with me to John Chapter 11 in the New Testament, where Lazarus the friend of Jesus has died.
Martha and Mary have sent a message to Jesus informing that their brother was sick, but there was no call to come immediately.
There was no demand or plea to intervene, and Jesus Christ does something that is very hard to do.
Nothing! This is the final great miracles which John the apostle records in his Gospel and so it has profound significance.
Jesus delays for two days before setting off with his disciples on the 60 mile journey to the home of Mary and Martha, and there Jesus meets the mourning sisters, only to be greeted by, "If you had come sooner, my brother would not have died.
" How were these words said? What was the tone? Were they said in anger? Were they said in a hushed whisper through tears and sorrow and sadness? And yet, this same Martha believes that whatever Jesus prays for, the Father will hear and answer that prayer.
Jesus says, "I am the resurrection and the life.
He who believes in me will live.
" Martha then comes out with that mighty confession of faith.
She is the first woman to recognise that Jesus Christ was the Messiah! Jesus, at this point, asks her to go and get her sister, and, obediently, like a little lamb obeying the shepherd, she goes and calls for Mary.
"The teacher is here and is asking for you.
" Mary approaches Jesus and not a word is spoken to begin with.
She just came in her tears, and fell down at his feet and then said; if only; if only.
There are so man whys in our lives.
Why does this happen? Why did that happen to me or in my family? How many situations have there been in our lives when we would want to say, if only; if only! If only I had not said that.
If only things could be different.
If only this were not the case in my situation.
If only that decision had been made! This is a highly charged emotional scene.
Jesus is troubled and upset.
Here are things that God never intended to come into the world which He created everything around us.
We see here such sorrow, and death, and bereavement, and suffering, and sin.
These situations were never in the mind of Almighty God when he first created our world.
We read that everything he created was good and very good.
In heaven, once we get away from all this God will wipe away all tears and there shall be no more pain, and no more sorrow, and no more suffering, and no more death.
Sandy Shaw

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