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How to Swing Your Golf Club Techniques and Drills

The correct golf swing sequence is typically made-up of three different parts: the backswing, down stroke/contact, and the follow-through.
These three things require the proper training exercises and drills to allow your body to move the proper way.
You can learn more about it by reading tips below.
The first of the main ingredients to an excellent golf swing sequence is the backswing.
If not done properly, this swing will make the next two steps impossible to complete.
You must first make sure your posture and position are correct for the type of drive or put you will be performing.
Based on that, the backswing's body rotation requirements are your main focus.
When you have the proper posture and technique with your backswing, the down-stroke comes next.
This stroke is made mostly from your hips and legs transferring your body weight from one side to the other and moving your lower body forward.
After you have made contact with the ball, you will follow-through with your club.
Your body should be completely rotated at this stage and your weight completely shifted.
There are many drills and tools you can use to optimize your performance.
Although the swinging itself is a big part of the correct golf swing sequence, the placement of your feet, joints, and hands are another essential asset.
Golf clubs with pre-molded grips allow your hands to begin in the proper position for swinging.
Another tool to develop your skills is clubs that allow only limited movement to practice your putting.

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