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How To Show Authority In Copywriting

What do readers look for in pieces of writing? They need to be convinced by what they are reading.
They also need to trust that the information is properly researched and resourced.
Therefore it is extremely important that your writing is informative, trustworthy and interesting.
Here are some things to consider before embarking on your writing.
Be Knowledgeable in Your Topic Do not write about a subject you know little about unless you have researched it extensively.
If you are to be authoritative, you must know your topic in order to gain your readers' trust.
Prove to them that you know your topic.
Think Carefully About Your USP (Unique Sales Proposition) Decide what your USP will be and ensure that this is clear in your writing.
Your readers need to understand exactly what you are offering.
Readers have access to lots of different types of writing / sales copy so try to set yourself apart from the rest - be a little bit different! List Facts and Include All Benefits and Advantages Make sure that the facts you are using are verifiable.
Yes - people are interested in opinions, but at the end of the day it really comes down to actual facts.
They want clear, factual information at all times.
List all the positives so that the reader will be able to imagine and appreciate what it is they're actually getting and also how it will benefit them directly! Be Able to Back Up Your Claims If you are revealing facts and figures, make sure that the reader can check these are correct.
If you can use a statement from an expert in the particular niche you are writing about, this will go a long way to gaining the trust of your readers.
It can also be worthwhile to mention any appropriate study or research information.
This all increases your credibility! Check Spelling & Grammar Copy just has to be well written - there is absolutely no doubt about this! If you read an article which has been poorly written, displaying incorrect Grammar or Spelling, you immediately question the credibility of the writer and his/her lack of knowledge.
Your readers deserve more than this, so please ensure that your copy shows good literacy skills.
I hope this article has been of interest to you and that it has given you some ideas as to how to approach and improve your copywriting.

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