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Discount Loose Diamonds: Avail Diamond Buying Guide Tips

Online shopping has become quite easy these days, no matter it is about purchasing outfits or costly jewelries. In case you want to purchase quality diamonds online you have plenty of options open. But you may wonder how you will be able to purchase diamonds online without checking them physically? Perhaps theoretical knowledge may not be enough preventive for buyers' protection, but following the checklist mentioned here you can be more assured about the quality of the deal.

Choose your diamond merchant meticulously

You need to select your diamond merchant meticulously. Besides his professional track, his customer review, experience, professional reputation etc. should be taken in consideration. A professional and honest merchant neither will deal with bad quality products nor will he allow any dishonesty in the business transaction with his clients.

Besides reputation, you need to check if the diamond merchant is adequately experienced in understanding the quality of diamonds he is dealing with. If all your answers are positive, you have hit the bull's eye. You have got the right person for purchasing discount loose diamonds.

Ask for diamond rating report

It is a fact that for online purchase you will not be able to see the diamonds beforehand. But you can ask for the diamond grading certificates from the buyer. Authentic certificates are available from GIA and GIA certificates of diamond grading are internationally honored by all levels of customers. From this grading certificate you will be able to know the complete details of the concerned diamonds. However, you must check if the GIA certificates are not older than 1 year.

GIA certificate for a diamond offers a unique tracking number; in any case the diamond is stolen you can trace the diamond worldwide with that tracking number and its stands for the authenticity of the diamond as well.

Check the 4Cs if the loose diamonds

By checking the 4c issues of the diamonds you will be purchasing online you can be well aware about their inherent quality as well as can guess their market price. These 4cs are cut, carat, color, and clarity.

While cut of a diamond denotes its light reflection capacity and power to dazzle, carat is the mass of the stone. Color is its quality of colorlessness of a diamond, and clarity of a diamond stands for the transparency and absence of inclusions in the gemstone.

No matter how good a diamond looks and how it is priced; the grades mentioned in the 4C details is the ultimate deciding factor for the quality. The discount loose diamonds' lot quality can best be assessed by their 4C report.

Look for the buyers' protection

Before finalizing the deal, check if your diamond merchant is offering adequate buyers' protection like money back guarantee on quality issue oragainst similar business disputes. Ensuring buyers' protection is the best and legitimate way to enjoy riskless online transaction for purchasing loose diamonds.

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