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How to Replace Hubcap Rivets

    • 1). Remove the hubcap and the existing clips from the wheel. Choose a new set of clips and rivets for the project.

    • 2). Insert the rivet into the small hole on top of the mandrel. Slide the clip over the rivet. The curved end of the clip should fit into the indentation on the mandrel.

    • 3). Place the mandrel on the flat portion of the vise. Lay a 2-inch by 4-inch piece of wood on the vise to hold the wheel tightly. Lift the wheel and lower it slowly onto the vise. Position it so it is aligned with the rivet. The rivet should insert into one of five small holes on the wheel itself.

    • 4). Use the sledgehammer to hit the rivet where it is coming through the wheel. Remove the wheel to see if the clip is attached to the wheel at the correct angle. Hit the clip with the rivet punch to make any necessary adjustments. Place the wheel back on the rivet and mandrel and continue hitting the rivet with the sledgehammer. Hit the rivet three to four additional times, making sure the rivet is attached to the wheel.

    • 5). Place the rivet punch on the clip and tap gently on the other end with a hammer. This will straighten the clip and further tighten the rivet so that both the rivet and the clip are secure.

    • 6). Grind the top of the rivet down slightly with a right angle grinder. The top should rise just slightly above the wheel rim.

    • 7). Repeat all of the steps to attach the remaining four clips and rivets on the wheel, then move on to the other wheels. Place the hubcaps over the clips and press firmly inward to attach the hubcaps.

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