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Can Just Talking Save Your Marriage?

Tons of books have been written and many movies played to help women figure out what men like in women. For centuries this thought has perplexed women of all classes and races...until now. Finding out what men like in women is as simple as having a conversation and paying attention. Talk to any man for no more than a half hour and you will see that men's real desires and needs are not as complicated as we think. By the time you finish reading this, you will have a much better idea of what men like in women.

Be Confident

You won't get far without confidence; because that's the number one trait men like in women they want to date. Confidence doesn't mean you should walk around thinking you're the greatest thing since sliced bread, but it does mean you should hold your head high and look your dream guy right in his beautiful brown eyes. Stop worrying that you're not skinny enough or blonde enough or pretty enough; these obsessions are a major turn-off for most men. When you actually talk to them, don't whine and complain about how you are not perfect, show them what you all have to offer them and be proud of it.

Be Genuine

Often when we see a guy we like, our first instinct is to turn into a giggling, hair-flipping ditz, and this is where most women go wrong. If you are a giggling, hair-flipping ditz then embrace it, but if that's not who you are then where will pretending get you? You can't maintain that false persona forever which dooms the relationship from the start. Being yourself increases your chance of finding what men like in women, but more importantly what they like in you!

Being genuine also means being truthful. Do not pretend like you are the world's biggest football fan if you don't know the difference between a touchdown and a tackle. Sure, you may end up with a date but you will also end up spending hours doing something you have no interest in. Not enjoying sports isn't a deal breaker with most men; being phony is definitely a deal breaker.

Have Fun

More than anything, men like women who seem to enjoy life. Women that are relaxed, confident, and exude happiness will almost always be sure to attract more attention from men. Why? They seem more self sufficient and less hassle in the long run. They also seem more interesting and overall more attractive. Men like women that are not so demanding and don't require and huge amount of attention. Focusing all of your energy on searching for and finding that perfect mate will only frustrate and disappoint you, and it will show all over your face. Wherever you are, enjoy yourself and have a good time; if you really want to know what men like in women try flashing your mega-watt smile and watch what happens.

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