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With the entrance of social media to the online marketing game, there have come new challenges and opportunities. Leveraging those opportunities can help you to build your brand more quickly than ever if you take advantage properly. On the flip side, using them improperly can be an enormous waste of time.

Before you dig to far into social media, you will need to know about the different type of social media sites that are out there. The main types you are going to find are social bookmarking sites, social network sites, and social voting sites. Each has a specific advantage to an online brand, and this article will help to show you how you can use each.

Social bookmarking sites are places where people bookmark and share their favorites posts, articles, and news stories. Sites like this can be a pretty good way to get some exposure, but and even better way to get links to your site.

Generally when you bookmark a page onto a social bookmark site it will link back to your site. Some of the sites don't give a link that passes value for search engines and some do. The ones that don't still provide some value to you because you will still get some click-through.

Bookmark sites can help you significantly if you create some friends who become interested in your bookmarks. As they share your bookmarks they will gain more and more exposure, which will result in additional exposure and search engine benefit.

Social networks are sites where people socialize and keep track of each other. The advantage of being in a social network is that it's very easy to alert your network friends of changes to your business model. You can also alert people if a new article on your site is getting a lot of attention.

This can serve as a reminder for people to keep coming back. Additionally, when individuals have increased exposure to your site, they will likely find more content to be link worthy. This will increase your search engine visibility over time.

Social voting sites can deliver perhaps the most explosive kind of traffic out there. On social voting sites the users vote for what content is the best. The hottest content will often end up getting thousands of visitors from the social voting site.

There is a certain respect for sites that hit the front page consistently and those articles often get linked to significantly. This is a winning combination because the initial traffic leads to additional traffic. When you leverage social voting effectively you can grow your business in a way unlike any other method.

Succeeding on social traffic sites requires a significant amount of discipline. Creating friendships and alliances can be hugely important because you need multiple votes on articles you submit in order for them to gain exposure. Creating unique titles that captivate is without question the biggest factor that will contribute to your success on a social voting site.

Hopefully you can see that leveraging social media can help you to grow your brand quickly. Use it properly and watch the results. They may come a lot faster than you think.

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