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Everything You Need to Know About Filing Tort Cases in Canada

From a long time, personal injury lawyers in Edmonton have been helping people to recover from whatever wrong has been done to them. Personal injury cases are one of the most complex legal cases. Every year hundreds of people file personal injury cases with the help of their trusted lawyers in Alberta.

Personal injury cases, especially torts, cannot be won without knowing the basic definitions. There are a lot of terms and conditions in the personal injury law and without due knowledge about them, one might have to bear a heavy loss. Hence, following is some useful info about tort cases.
What is a Tort Case?

A tort is basically a civil wrong-doing. When some person or organisation, intentionally or unintentionally, harms an individual or a group of individuals and makes the victim suffer some kind of loss, then it's said that a tort has been committed.

Cause and Effect

According to personal injury lawyers, injuries in such cases happen because of one's actions which ultimately bring harm upon another person. This might happen because the first person wasn't attentive enough or was negligent in some way. The victim can claim the damages caused to him/her by the injury and can thus file a suit to recover lost wages, medical bills, damage due to pain/suffering, fees of lawyers etc.

Types of Tort Cases

Although one can get involved in such a case due to endless reasons, however, following are some most common types of tort cases:

1. Slip and fall – If a person slips and falls due to negligence of an individual or an organisation, its case of slip and fall.

2. Hit and run – If a person gets hit by a vehicle and the doer runs after committing the crime, it's a case of hit and run.

3. Car accidents – If a person intentionally or unintentionally commits an accident with his/her car, it's a case of car accident.
4. Product liability – If a person suffers damage due to a product produced by a company, it's a case of product liability.
5. Medical malpractice suits – If a person is a victim of malpractices of a medical practitioner, it's a case of medical malpractice.
6. Catastrophic injury cases – If a person suffers damage due to catastrophic reasons, then the case is a catastrophic injury case.

Tort cases are tough to fight and without an experienced personal injury lawyer, one cannot really hope to get what he/she truly deserves for his suffering.

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