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How to Install a 1967 Nova Windshield

    • 1). Clean the new windshield and windshield opening with a damp cloth. Wipe off the new gasket and place it in the sun.

    • 2). Fit the gasket around the windshield with the slit side of the gasket facing outside the Nova. Run a bead of sealant along the bottom channel on the gasket.

    • 3). Spread some petroleum jelly into the gasket's outer groove, putting a little extra at the top and bottom center. Starting at the bottom center, wrap a nylon cord around the outer groove. Leave two long ends of cord hanging out of the bottom center.

    • 4). Ask an assistant to place the windshield in the opening as you sit inside the vehicle and guide him. Pull the cords into the vehicle.

    • 5). Pull one cord end slowly out of the gasket and around the frame to bring the rubber lip into place while your helper presses the rubber gasket around the outside edge of the car.

    • 6). Allow the gasket to dry for 48 hours before driving.

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