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Other Than The Shoes Barefoot Walk Fast

"Have no ability to buy Shoe, can borrow other than to walk barefoot, so fast."
"Doing business is very simple. It is borrow someone else's money!" He plays in 1824 small money problems "in that.
Yes, do the boss and business is so simple: borrow money to achieve their goals. This is a road.
Franklin is doing, Hilton is doing, Caesar is doing. Even if you are very rich, for such opportunities, you also should not pass.
In the business field, is an asset, it also has the ability to borrow money is an important to operator.
If you can borrow money to use the ability of ability to cooperate with each other, can become a millionaire by cheap. Of course, it is easier said than done, but very difficult. America has the god of businessman of John the card although born poor families, lack of school education, but later he became America's department giant, even newlydubbed biographies. He left home to 14 years, through the tough as an apprentice bookstore, and engaged in promoting accumulation fund, work, wholly foreign-owned shop. Then, the development of new idea continuously card company, he finally succeeded, and considered the American business authority.
From the rich practical experience, his work in the business success formula:
Business success = others' minds + other people's money.
America's first travel company, vice chairman YouBoLuoSi at the 23rd Los Angeles Olympic organizing committee for the Olympic Games, profit? One? 5 billion dollars. He also by special "borrow" and successful.
Today, most of the sports meeting, but poor ringing sound. In the federal republic of Germany in Munich in 1972, the first 20 games held that debt, couldn't pay off. Article 21 in 1976, Montreal Olympic Games, the losses of $10 billion.
In 1980, the article 22 held in Moscow games cost more than $90, loss is unprecedented. In 1898, the modern Olympic Games since the founding, almost became a heavy burden, who will be it back its huge debt overwhelmed, in this case, Los Angeles was miraculously applied, it says it will not in any name under the condition of taxation of the Olympic Games. After the chairman YouBoLuoSi especially for more specifically, don't provide any government financial aid, government no penny Los Angeles games will be ever one of the most successful financially.
No money? Borrow. In America the commercial highly developed countries, and many enterprises to use this opportunity to expand the enterprise well-knownness and product sales, YouBoLuoSi clearly see the games themselves, grasp the value of some big companies want to improve themselves sponsored by the popularity of psychology, decided to private enterprise sponsorship as an important source of funds. He attend each sponsorship contract negotiation and use his outstanding sales can provoke trade, the competition between manufacturers to win. He does not to sponsor by is rather too compliant, instead, it put forward to their high requirements. For example, the sponsor must comply with the long-term and integrity about sponsorship of the standard, the sponsors shall include the air in the game field, the commercial advertising and sponsorship do the quantity shall be not less than us $500 million, the Olympic official sponsors only accept 30, each profession choose a sponsor can obtain the Olympic Games, the exclusive rights to a commodity. These sounds very harsh conditions to sponsor has a bigger teaser, big companies to try overinflate the sponsor. Only this one, YouBoLuoSi will raise 3? 85 billion dollars money, is a traditional practice of hundreds of times. Another one of the largest amount of sponsorship deal is selling television rights.

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