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Does He Really Love You? Understand the Signals That Convey His Feelings

Are you wondering if your man really does love you? Do your instincts tell you that your guy might not feel as deeply for you as you do for him? Would you like some advice on how to decipher his signals? Following are some thoughts to help you determine whether your man really does love you and how you should handle your relationship.
First, analyze your relationship.
Does it completely revolve around your guy? Is he the only one that matters in your conversations or your dates? Use common sense when thinking about this.
Wouldn't you think that a person in love would probably put their mate ahead of their own personal interests? If your guy considers himself to be the most important half of your relationship, then he probably is not a man in love.
Do you feel confident that your man seems ready to commit? This is a huge indication of what your man is thinking and feeling.
Commitment is a natural step when two people are in love; so, if you sense that your guy is a little hesitant or uneasy to commit, chances are that he does not have those deep feelings.
He really does not love you and you should be ready to accept it and decide what your next step should be.
Next, is your man supportive of you and your needs? Do you find that you willingly listen to his problems when he needs a shoulder to lean on? Now, do you feel as though you receive the same consideration? You are not being too demanding if you feel as though you deserve a mate who will lend an ear when you need to unload.
This is part of a good relationship and being in love.
If you're not receiving it, this might not be the relationship for you.
These are three important areas to consider when trying to determine if your guy really does love you.
Be honest with your answers so that you can make the best decision for your future.

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