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How to Remove a CV Axle

    • 1). Loosen all of the lug nuts from the wheel with the CV axle you want to remove using a ratchet and socket, but don't remove them. Jack up the front of the vehicle and secure it on jack stands.

    • 2). Remove the lug nuts and the wheel.

    • 3). Remove the axle nut from the axle using the axle socket and impact gun. It is at the center of the wheel hub, where the wheel used to be.

    • 4). Remove the cotter pin at the base of the lower ball joint. Loosen the ball joint nut using a ratchet and socket. The ball joint is at the end of the lower control arm. It has a flat, round top, a rubber bladder in the center and a threaded stud at the base.

    • 5). Place the forks of the ball joint separator between the base of the round head of the ball joint, and hammer it until the ball joint is free from the steering knuckle.

    • 6). Loosen and remove the two bolts at the base of the strut assembly using a ratchet and socket.

    • 7). Place the piece of wood on the end of the axle, and hammer on the wood until the axle is loose. Use the pry bar to pry the spindle, freeing the axle from the hub.

    • 8). Pry the axle from the transmission using the pry bar. Rotate the axle after every prying motion to free the input shaft of the axle from the output shaft of the transmission.

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