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Aram Danesh and the Super Human Crew - The Spot (Take 2) Rating

Beginning with only a vision and very limited audio sources, guitarist and writer Aram Danesh pairs with producers Adam Berkowitz and Greg Reeves to create this multi-cultural adventure in sound and groove titled "The Spot." Early in the album's construction, Aram began enlisting a crew of the Bay Area's most talented vocalists and instrumentalists, and by utilizing the freestyle flow and improvisation of the artists themselves, the producers were able to generate a fluidly-structured format.

Opening with a jazzy Hip-Hop weighted groove complete with the energy of a full-on live funk/jazz band, we are introduced to the sound of The Superhuman Crew on "I Did It." Not to be held down by genres, Aram quickly switches speed and influence with the ultra-catchy Afrocuban groove of "The Spot." This title track is arguably the most defining single on the album; DJ Raw B scratches and cuts his way through the Latin percussion-fueled movements as a host of instrumentalists and vocalists all take shots at the single from totally different angles. Slowing the pace of the album are tracks such as the heavily Latino-influenced "Elegua" and the loungy "Mais Feliz" featuring vocals from Aurea Fernandez. From the Hip-Hop lyrics of "Elastic" to the dance oriented "Le Chat Noir" and "Sem Contencao," "The Spot" embodies all the presence of the San Francisco music scene and beyond.


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