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How To Attract Women Using Sexual Frames - 14 Routines That Work

Sexual frames work extremely well in how to attract women.
The idea behind sexual framing is that you make statements about you, her and the two of you; once she accepts these statements as true, you can shape her behavior, and gradually get her where you want - the bedroom.
Here are 14 proven routines that work when you're using sexual frames to attract women:
  1. She Is Adventurous.
    If she sees herself as the adventurous type who takes risks, she is more likely to leave the bar with a guy she met that night.
  2. She Is Spontaneous.
    The more she sees herself as someone who does something on a whim, the easier it will be to convince her to go home with you.
  3. She Is Independent.
    Independent means that she makes her own decisions, unrestrained by what other's think.
  4. She Is Sexually Aggressive Toward Someone She Likes.
    It's key that she is this way with someone she likes.
    You're going to build attraction, so once she is attracted to you, she'll unleash her sexual aggressiveness.
  5. What Type Is She? You're going to find out what her physical or emotional type is, because this will tell you how to seduce her.
  6. The Woman And You Both Are Good At Keeping Secrets.
    This allows her to enact "slutty" behavior without fear of you talking about it to others.
  7. She Is Decisive.
    This means that she doesn't have to ask her friend's opinions - her friends who we haven't built attraction with.
  8. The Woman Goes For What She Wants.
    She doesn't wait for things to happen when she wants something.
    This means that if she wants you, she'll go for it.
  9. She Doesn't Get Cock-Blocked.
    This routine is newer and it's designed especially for nightclubs and bars.
  10. You Aren't Going To Get Weird.
    What this basically means is that you won't suddenly get needy after sex.
  11. You Are Non-Judgmental.
    If you don't judge people, this means that you won't think bad things about her when she gets dirty.
    You'll still respect her in the morning.
  12. She Doesn't Care What Her Friends Think.
    Her friends may be telling her to watch out for you, so convince her that her friends' opinions aren't as important as what she wants.
  13. She Trusts Herself.
    She is confident about what she wants.
  14. She Has A Good Sense About People.
    She knows people really well and she trusts this sense.
    This helps her to trust her feelings that you're a good person when she meets you.
These 14 sexual frames help break down most of the objections she is going to make about sex.
When you're working on how to attract women, it's important that she think these things about herself, you and the two of you together.

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