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How to Use an Exercise Ball to Train a Horse

    • 1). Place the rope halter on your horse and attach the soft cotton lead rope. Work on teaching your horse to lead properly, that is without trying to rush ahead of you or invade your space. If your horse does attempt to rush forward make sure you stop and ask him to back up. Continue to work with your horse until he is leading without rushing and showing respect to you as his leader.

    • 2). Introduce the exercise ball to your training session by placing it in your horse's corral or in the arena where you are training your horse. Place the exercise ball in the arena or corral before bringing your horse in. Allow your horse to explore the exercise ball on his own, watching his body language for signs of fear or aggression. Your horse may approach the ball and then snort and retreat; this is a normal reaction as he builds his confidence.

    • 3). Allow your horse to approach the exercise ball while you lead him around the arena or corral. Keep the rope long enough so that he can move away if he wishes, but not so long that you risk losing control. After your horse has become accustomed to seeing the exercise ball you can use it to desensitize him by bouncing the ball next to him, moving it around him and finally placing it on his back.

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