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Travelling From Johannesburg Airport

The problem with all these transport options is that they drain your pockets and once you have arrived at your hotel you have no further means to get around.
You will also find numerous Johannesburg airport car hire spots where you can hire a car for a good price.
Hiring a car can be your best option for transport upon your arrival at Johannesburg, it allows you to travel at your own leisure at an affordable cost.
Compare your choices online to determine which one is best for you and is most affordable.
Alternatively follow the signs within the airport to the car rental companies.
You can drop your rented car back at the airport upon your departure or at a South African car rental branch within most city centres.
Johannesburg airport has multiple car rental companies where you are bound to find the perfect car to suit your needs, be it a 4x4, hatchback or family saloon.
If you wish to get car rental from Johannesburg airport then you need to insure you have copies of your driver's license, ID, passport as well as your credit card and other necessary documentation handy.
You may need to raise your credit card limit for insurance depending on your car rental and which car hire company in Johannesburg Airport you are using.
Some tips to remember when driving is that South Africans drive on the left hand side of the road and traffic lights are called robots by locals.
Watch out for local taxis when in your rented car that seem to have their own road rules and remember to report all dings and faults before you take the car out of the lot at the airport.
If it is your first time to South Africa you may want to hire a GPS which can be done at the car hire in Johannesburg airport.
With your rent car you can visit the gambler's paradise of Montecasino, the theme park at Gold Reef City or hit the suburb of Sandton to shop at some of South Africa's high-end fashion boutiques.
Car Renting in Johannesburg is one of the easiest and safest ways to get around and it will probably work out to be the cheapest if you plan to travel a lot while on your trip in South Africa.

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