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How to Make Easy Homemade Baby Shower Favors

    • 1
      Spray paint the pots.

      Spray paint small terra cotta flower pots pink or blue. Use 2" pots that you can get at department stores for around 0.40 cents each.

      These pots are the burnt orange color pots. If you order them wholesale or in bulk, they are cheaper.

      Spray paint and allow to dry overnight.

    • 2
      Place 2 feet of raffia or curling ribbon in the bottom of each pot.

      Cut 2 feet of raffia or curling ribbon off of a spool. Place in the bottom of the pot. Raffia can be purchased in the craft department of any department store.

      The only purpose either one of these serves is to act as a filler for your homemade baby shower favors. This allows the items in the pot to be a little higher, not down in the bottom.

    • 3
      Add votive candles for your homemade baby shower favors.

      Place a votive candle on top. Votive candles can be purchased in bulk for mere pennies in a variety of colors. Pick one to match the pot of your favors.

    • 4). Add candy to the favors. Sprinkle blue or pink candy, or some other candy in the homemade baby shower favors.

      This step is completely optional, depending on the amount of money you would like to spend.

    • 5). Place in a clear plastic bag or tulle wrap. You can find the plastic bags in the craft section. Tulle works well also. Add curling ribbon in your selected colors and you are done.

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