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5 Online Dating Tips to Succeed With Girls and Women and to Find True Love - Internet Dating Tips

I have a huge online dating experience.
When I was dating online I was a very 'popular' girl (I would receive hundreds and hundreds of messages by new guys per week, sometimes per day!) and I couldn't reply to everybody at all.
In fact, I had to be very selective.
So, I quickly began to see what were the triggers which made me respond to a guy, pay attention to his email and profile, and be interested in him.
These were the most important factors: 1 - A very nice photo of yourself.
I always wanted to see your eyes, your face.
You don't have to be a stunning guy at all, but just have a nice, welcoming face.
In your photo don't look scary or crazy, but just relaxed.
If you have a good body you can also show it off in your second or third photo, in a decent manner of course, but the face is important.
2 - Try and write something smart and witty on your profile or, if you prefer, something that says something about who you are.
There must be something that makes you unique so you must put that 'out' there.
3 - Make the first move.
No matter how attractive the girl is, just send her a nice line after you have read her profile.
Something that tells her that you are interested in her and not just sending a circular to all the girls with an active profile.
Something like...
'when you say...
it really struck a chord in me because...
' I found what you said really smart and witty'.
4 - If she does not reply to you immediately, don't be put off.
There are a million reasons why she is not replying.
Probably because she's received 100 messages already! If she's not replied to you in one week, write again, nicely, wittily, start afresh.
Don't mention the first email, don't sound upset because she didn't reply to you the first time.
The key here is to show genuine interest in her without being obsessive.
5 - Do this with at least 6 or 7 girls at a time.
You will get replies, at least from some of them.
Be witty, be smart, show real interest in her.
Try to get to know her a bit before your first date unless she specifically wants to meet you immediately.
Some girls want to 'test' your real interest and find out about you a bit more before meeting you in the flesh.
You can of course exchange more photos in the meantime so be prepared and have nice photos ready for her.

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