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Satiate Your Craving For Italian Food At Restaurants In Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is rightly known as the cultural capital of Northern Thailand for the rich cultural diversity that it has to offer. There are many restaurants in Chiang Mai, offering various cuisines of the world. If you are an Italian cuisine lover, you would not be disappointed either. Chiang Mai has a number of authentic Italian restaurants. It is important to know where to locate these restaurants as they may be dotted across different parts of Chiang .

Many of these restaurants serving Italian cuisines have been established a couple of decades ago. The restaurants serving Italian cuisines have an easy and soothing atmosphere, resembling the cafe like restaurants in Italy. Many of the restaurants serve pastas that are home made. Italian cuisine lovers will have a gala of time dining at Chiang Mai. Some of these restaurants serve dishes with ingredients rarely found in Thailand. They are imported from outside. Some of these include porcini mushrooms, Tartufi, some exotic sausages, Black Angus etc. When you talk of Italian cuisines, it is incomplete without wine. Restaurant has an exotic collection of vintage wine like Amarone and Brunello to name a few. A combination of wine with Italian dishes would certainly entice many.

All the Italian lovers are going to have a treat at the restaurants in Chiang Mai. One can choose from a number of appetizers made in pure Italian style. Some of the famous dishes include Pizza bread with olive oil, sliced brown garlic bread pasted with cheese and mozzarella, sliced fillet, Italian Salami etc. If you are a non-vegetarian freak, you won't be disappointed either. You can choose from a wide variety of fishes and meat. When it comes to main course at Restaurant Chiang Mai, you will be spoilt for choice. You can go for Bruschetta, Focaccia, Carpaccio, Scampi cocktail, Pane e burro to name a few.

Some of the chefs at Chiang Mai restaurants are recognized by various awards at international level, proving their experience and expertise in serving authentic Italian cuisine. The restaurants are so renowned that they have footfalls of various dignitaries from different parts of the world. This include the Thai Royal Family, Hollywood celebrities and the socialites of Thailand.

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