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How to Hang Pictures on Curtains

    Make Photo Curtains

    • 1). Choose the photos you want to display on your photo pocket curtains. You can include different size photographs, postcards or other pictures, but it's important to choose the pictures ahead of time so that you can make pockets in all the sizes that you need for displaying the pictures.

    • 2). Measure the photos on one of the clear shower curtains using the ruler. Add a half inch to each edge of the photos you want to hang on your picture curtains, for attaching the panels to the curtain. Cut out the panels from the clear shower curtain.

    • 3). Attach the panels to the other shower curtain using the grommets and hanging kit. Position the panels wherever you would like to hang pictures on your photo pocket curtains. Make sure that the panels are positioned exactly where you want them before affixing with the grommets. Follow the instructions on the grommet hanging kit to punch the grommets through both curtains.

    • 4). Hang the shower curtain so that the photo panels are on the outside. Take care when you hang pictures on curtains that you keep the pictures away from elements that might damage them, such as moisture or direct sunlight.

    • 5). Use medium-weight fabric rather than a shower curtain to create photo pocket curtains to hang in your living room or bedroom rather than in the shower. Follow all the same steps, but use a fabric curtain rather than the second clear shower curtain as the base for your picture curtains. Make sure to choose a medium-weight fabric to hang pictures on curtains, since fabric that is too lightweight may not support the pockets, while it may be difficult to punch the grommets through fabric that is too heavy.

    Order Photo Curtains

    • 1). Create picture curtains by having your favorite photo, or a collage of photos, printed onto a vinyl shower curtain. Search online for specialty print shops that offer the option of printing enlargements onto vinyl curtains.

    • 2). Take your favorite photo to a photo printing shop to get the enlargement printed onto fabric. Many photo gift retailers offer the option of printing onto fabric blankets that may be large enough to cover a small window.

    • 3). Convert fabric blankets into picture curtains by sewing tabs across the top edge of the blanket to hang on a rod. You can also drape the blanket over part of a curtain rod as a sash, pinning the blanket to itself to keep it from slipping out of place.

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