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Buying From Leopard Gecko Breeders

The leopard gecko breeder can be your best friend if you are serious about owning and eventually breeding your designer pets.
There can be cheaper alternatives in pet stores or other commercial establishments but you can rarely get the info and traits you'd want.
So to learn more about the breeders, read on! Store Limitations As you may already know, breeding these lizards can be a very interesting and lucrative endeavor.
This is one of the reasons why you'd want to get your animals from leopard gecko breeders.
Stores can only give you so much back ground information on their available animals.
You won't really know what kind of animals you'll be getting and what kind of traits they are actually carrying.
Remember that some traits do not appear visibly even though the animal actually has the genes for the trait.
Also, pet store animals tend to be in poorer health than those available from professionals.
Tamer Animals Stores will also have limitations in taming their available pets.
This isn't that hard to imagine since pet stores do carry multiple animals.
This is another advantage of buying a selected animal from a professional.
Most will take the time to properly tame their animals and get them used to human contact, making life that much easier for you.
Check Before Buying Now, just because you're buying from a professional doesn't mean you won't have to check the quality of the animal.
It is important to check the animal's health so that you minimize the chances of bringing home a sick animal or one that has unfavorable characteristics.
One of the first things you can check is the animal's tail.
A lizard will store its extra fat in its tail so a fact tailed lizard should indicate a well fed lizard.
Inspect the skin for any sores and signs of disease.
The nose and other orifices like the vent under the animal should be clear of any discharges.
The animal should be active and alert and not overly lethargic.
You should also check the tank for unusual or foul smells.
Of course the quality of the appearance of the animal will largely depend on your preference.
Be sure to ask about the animal's lineage and its history so that you know what kinds of possible morphs you can get when you breed them.
Also, ask if the animal carries recessive traits.
These traits won't show up on the parent animals but once they breed, their babies can carry them.
Now, recessive does not mean bad...
in fact many recessive traits like that for albinism and patternless morphs are highly sought after.
It just might not be what you are looking for so always check before buying.
Well Known Pros Some morphs have actually been named for their breeders.
Some like the highly successful Tremper morphs (Tremper Albinos, RAPTORS, APTORS, and Giants to name a few) all came from the brilliant Ron Tremper, one of the pioneers and still leading breeders today.
You can easily buy Tremper morphs from the Tremper website.
From there, you can start searching for other pros that carry the Tremper name.
Other popular morphs you can watch out for are the Bells, Rainwater or Las Vegas, and the Tangerines.

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